A wrestling-themed card game where you compete for the HERO BRAWL TITLE BELT while trying to knock out all the cards in your opponents' hands.


How to play Hero Brawl

For detailed rules & what to do in special situations, please see the written rules of Hero Brawl.


Welcome to Hero Brawl — the Card Game!

Hero Brawl is an exciting new card game for two to six players, takes just a couple of minutes to learn, and only about five to fifteen minutes to play!

Do you have what it takes to become a Hero Brawl Champion?!

Buy your copy today and find out!

The Cards & Characters


Hero Brawl was created by Kevin Marshall of Dig Down Labs LLC.

The goal was a unique wrestling-inspired game that was affordable, fun, and accessible to players of all ages and levels.

Each deck includes Thirty Six (36) cards -- which is everything needed to play both the Hero Brawl and The Roshambo Protocol games!